E-Manifest Truck Module
The E-Manifest Truck Module is a web based application designed for carriers and other parties responsible for freight interested in an easy to use, cost effective method of meeting the electronic manifest requirements of US Customs and Border Protection.

The E-Manifest Truck Module provides the user with the ability to create Trips and link them to selected shipments, then forward the manifest information electronically to Customs.

The E-Manifest Truck Module can be used in a variety of ways.  We work directly and individually with each client to create a customized solution to meet their needs.

  1. Capture of Shipment Information on the e-Manifest Data Server.

    Before a Trip can be linked to specific Shipments, the Shipment information must exist on the e-Manifest Data Server.  There are several ways that Shipment information can be collected and posted to the Server, all of which can apply for the same carrier.

    EC Global Dynamics offers a multitude of methods and devices that encourage users to electronically capture and share data without dramatically altering their current workflow processes.  The priority is to capture the data. The client can be set up to use all or any of these data capture devices and processing methods:

    • Data Capture directly from PDF files
    • ODBC Link               
    • File Import
    • OCR Scanner
    • Manual Entry
      • Shipper/3rd Party Input
      • Carrier Input

    find out more on how the shipment information is originally captured...

  2. On-line e-Manifest Processing

    Once the shipment information has been captured and posted to the e-Manifest Data Server, the following steps are used to create the trip and transmit the data to US Customs:

    • Appropriate Driver and Equipment information is selected from drop down boxes.
    • Shipments associated with a Trip are selected.
    • The ACE Manifest Cover Letter is printed
    • The Trip information is electronically transmitted to Customs.

    Note:  Trips can be built over a period of time, and then submitted to Customs when all the information and shipments are selected.


What benefit does the E-Manifest Truck Module provide over the web portal service provided by US Customs and Border Protection?  US Customs and Border Protection has focused on providing a basic method for smaller needs carriers to process trip and match compliance needs. The difficulty for carriers who...
...create an in house application to the ACE system...
...input directly to the ACE system...
...hire a third party to manage the process...

...is that they soon discover that they never have enough knowledge or resources to keep up with the need to add "missing" fields and locate often redundant data.  Our subscribers have chosen to dedicate their resources to their core business and not to reinventing methods that are available.