Distributors - Benefits

Increasing the number of companies able to provide electronic data (Solving the "Round Hole / Square Peg" Problem)

The client has the order information the Distributor needs.  But the software application the client uses is not compatible with the system of the Distributor.  Even if the client can generate a compatible data file, they often lack the ability to easily transmit the data electronically.

We assist Distributors in getting around these hurtles in order to increase the number of transactions received electronically.   As the data is collected from the client, it is captured on the EC Dynamics web server.  From there, a computer readable file in the format required by the Distributor can be generated.  In addition, the information can be made available in other ways, including email notifications, printed forms, and web display.  


Addressing the Clients' Needs

To most buyers, the pulling together of the information to place an order amounts to a hidden cost.  One of the goals of the solution is to capture and provide this same information (or more) with less work.  We provide a wide range of data collection options that can often be integrated into a shipper's system.

Included in the options is the use of External Databases to store information not easily provided on a regular basis.  By linking additional information to the product code, the solution can augment the information the shipper can provide with values stored in the databases.


Increasing Efficiency (Growing business without growing staff)

An increase in a Distributor's business means an increase in the number of transactions to be processed.  Transactions received electronically require substantially less time to process than manual files, allowing the existing staff to handle additional business.


Improve Accuracy

Receiving data electronically removes a major source of errors; the mistakes that are inevitable when information is retyped.  Typing mistakes happen.  The answer to the questions "Is that a 7 or a 9?" or ".a U or an O?" may not be correct.

When the data is provided in a consistent way and directly from the source in a file that can be uploaded, the redundant data entry is not done, and that source of failures disappears.


A New Sales Tool

How often can a sales person pay a visit to an existing customer with only the standard "Hi.  Dropped in to see if there are any problems" approach?  Imagine instead the sales person showing up with "I have an interesting new technology you should know about."  In the first instance, the sales person is simply in a holding pattern.  In the second, they are building a closer business relationship by making it easier for the shipper to do business with them.

As for prospective customers, the ability to offer a level of service that simultaneously reduces the work required by the client and reduces costs at both ends allows the Distributor to either offer a reduced price (due to lower costs) or sell at a higher price, based on a higher level of service.


IT Involvement

EC Dynamics' solution requires only minimal involvement of a Distributor's IT department.

The data collection methods that are implemented are done independent of the Distributor's IT department.  Once collected on the EC Dynamics server, the data file will be provided in the format and method required by the individual Distributor

Most modern computer applications include the ability to import a data file and many Distributors are already importing files from clients able to provide the data in the specified format.  We work with the Distributor to provide the file in a way they can use it.


What The Future Will Look Like

The ability to electronically capture and process these increases will determine the long term viability of both the individual Distributor and shipper.

EC Dynamics has eliminated the technology barriers to electronically sharing data, allowing the service to be extended to any company that can either provide or receive data.  These include the carriers, warehouses, brokers and many, many others.

This is a new business model that enables a Distributor to empower their clients to exchange transactions electronically across the supply-chain.  Each User can select the data collection method that best works for them and choose how they wish to access and use the data.  The Distributor gains as the captured data can be configured for import into their systems.